Websites serve many purposes and it absolutely must be 100% focused on your business. That means anything that doesn’t work for your clients and visitors is a waste of their time, and somewhere along the line your money.

Avoiding gimmicks

All to often websites introduce visual gimmicks or features they’ve seen on other websites thinking it looks cool or great or engaging (and the worst: “authentic”). Mostly they aren’t any of those adjectives. They simply annoy your visitors, and for some, becoming so off putting your visitors decide to go somewhere else. Always remember your website isn’t just about you, its about your clients and visitors too. Unless you specifically know that they want don’t be led by fashion, or what ever is cool or authentic this month. Designing a great website you are not only looking at the analytics of visitors but also talking to your visitors. Gather feedback from them regularly and pay attention to it. Feedback is invaluable when it comes from your customers.

What can you do?

Always look at key competitor websites. What do you like about them? What do you dislike?

Always look outside your industry, region and country.

There are lots of trends and you may spot something that you feel may work for your site. Don’t restrict yourself. By this I mean don’t limit yourself to just one medium on your website. Consider using them all, sift through them to see how they contribute, or not, to the message you want your customers and visitors to get.

What Martalli Design will do

Designing is not a mystery process. Designing websites is what Martalli Design does but its not a onesided affair. We collaborate with you. You are part of the design process. There are tradeoffs right throughout every design process no matter what it is being designed. Mood boards, mockups and prototypes, some of these approaches perhaps all of them may be stages in the design or redesign of your website. They are essential to the process so you can see how the project is progressing towards the agreed goal.

From start to finish the project must be underpinned by the value proposition. If there isn’t one don’t proceed. Work on it with us to make sure its a value proposition you believe in and can work towards.

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